Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grand Ma Take me home !!!

Was way back to home after tiring office work.......With ear phones in my ear...(Pink Floyd "Another brick in the wall") ,got hanged up in the traffic jam,my glass up on knocking when i saw some children playing around and they had hit the car glass....Got back in my child days,Gosh ! was that true that i used to play cricket in the team .........
I could see they all were happy,into their life,no worries,with pure heart !!!!! By the window out ,they were called up to have some snacks ....And they left to this home,my eyes got surprised and made me to think that "Happy---with no windows,no window glasses,no window panes,full of cracks"............It sounds same some what like "Beauty is skin deep" so is as Happiness....

A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.

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paramveer said...

hey great personal blog.
i am of 19 ie my childhood is on the end and no more capable of doin freakish things more..:(..n i hate this!!!..:(


Shadow said...

hey! nice blog you have here. and thanks for the visit.

Pacifier Returns said... are right..

Smiles :)