Saturday, July 11, 2009

Romantic Paths


These beauteous paths to move in together,
Gazing eyes,
No more world around,
Beautiful promises,
Experiencing new ambiance,
Hearts full of delight,
Windy air,
Fresh air,
Your remembrance,
Nothing more in Gray matter ,
Life seems endless,
Sad people laughing and smiling,
That movement of your hair on your face,
With rose , adding beauty to your face,
Rays of sun,orange and yellow all around,
I feel you every time,
I feel shy but still, I Do see you around,
My hands move to make your picture,
Red,maroon,yellow leaves all way through,
Silence which no one can break,
You and me only ......
Life is all this,
No more isolation,
No voids left,
Happiness popping up,
Bare feet,
Birds singing and chirruping,
Cool breeze,
Grinning and smiling,
Nothing to talk about,
Full of feelings ,
Interminable road,
Manageable tangles on your face,
Red lip color,
Pink cheeks,
White fairy,
You and me only.........

Red-letter night............

4 Writingz.:

Shadow said...

wow, this is GOOD!

darshan said...

The pic is awesome so is the note.

MAGDArling said...

wow;D amazing picture<3

Escapist said...

@ Shadow, Darshan thnx for the support.

MAGDArling.....yur way of noticing yuh is gud ! Liked