Monday, July 13, 2009

Behind Cloudz !!

Day was like 13th July so martyrs day,so it was off.No movement were allowed on roads.So was at home all time and guess what watched a movie "New york" and yap like all time John Ibrahim was AWESOME,i have no words for him...And movie is good as well......Down after that went for a walk just 1km away from my home..and this was the time when sun was going down with that beautiful surrounding spread all through.I was just like wrrrrrrrrrrrr that looks great ......Sun is going down....The beautiful sunset amid of those bushy trees...and yap for the whole day he was too hot........
Now the night has taken up and moon is the boss now....Guess what...MOON IS THE BOSS...but what about those clouds which are covering him......and the moons light get's dimmed off....Clouds are playing hide and seek with moon....there it is moon with the light all around and just in fractions of time,these CLOUDS move on and the moon's glory is no more.....Some times its kind of weird.....If we keep on making it a point to think on.How can mere clouds just keep the moons light off through.
This made me to come up with certain things that coincides with" life" :-)

1) We keep on trying to look for happiness , but these sad shadows of life are always there following you up ,not every moment but yeah after breaks is this MOON :-(

2) We fix our way in such a style that we can help others , but then we don't succeed always all through our foot is the MOON :-(

3)We achieve our goal but its not that easy..Face every up coming troubles, but still keep on trying our fingers on every possible way to locate the certain achievements,though darkness makes it impossible some is the MOON :-(

4)We have been given lines "never to trouble others though you face it yourself" is the MOON :-(

Life in all ways,keeps on relating things which we neglect and never keep an eye on it.........

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paramveer said...

yeah......thats what life is!!

n nice camparision of moon...loved it!



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