Friday, August 07, 2009

Dead reckoning......

Before scrolling down and reading what exactly it is make some guesses.

I was just out on my site (Drainage Site) ,when i got a call from other site to check for storm water sumps.There was some problem with the levels,so i just had to check and i just ordered to de-water the sump! The sump is some what 10mt deep.....It was so hectic to de-water it and manage a person to send him down and clean the silt.and finally he went into it to clean the sump,i just went to check him when i saw these long boots and i was like oh ! God whats that,i was wondering what's it.....i tried to call this person,but it was not aduible for him to hear me ...i was waiting eagerly to ask him what was that !
And you know what ,i asked him temme what that long boots all about,what is that, and he was like what madam ,you talking about which boots..................Heheheeehehehe ,that was my boots,i kept that there................Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!

P.S:- This post was for this blog,but by mistake pasted in other blog.

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paramveer said...

looking like some historically valued place with historically valued boots!!!!!! ;)