Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Those black and white pictures.....

Down the street,
I was pondering ,
Do i need to live any more,
Am i still looking to live forward,
Does those dark shades of my life,
Been occupied,
Or am i blurred , my life is fading away,
My hands are cuffed,
My eyes have lied,
Every thing in blue,
Inspirations of life were just impersonation,
I blinked ,with what i had !!!!!
So i realized ,
I was living an obtuse life,
Shades over headed me,
No other way to break down this continuity of my living,
Y can't i just make that,
I am going no where ,with no image of what it can be,
Dark pots in and all.....
No ways viable,with out closing with what i have garbed in....
Was i sure about it,
Or im afraid of losing some thing,
Where does my values breath in,
Oh !!!!!!
Its blew over,Its blew over........

I can't see that happy going ,merry go world,
I had beautiful mind to view it,
But that was just for when i was 16,
Back in my colorful world,red,green,yellow.....
Hopping and jumping......

I had a picture in my mind,
These flying birds,
Does they do the same ! AS I DID...

Breath with no meanings,
Live with no feelings,
Love with no sensations,
Life with no flavors,
Dream with no spirits,
Move with no values,
See with no colors,
All with no ambitions............

All blurred , black,dark life ...i am sustaining .....

5 Writingz.:

Pacifier Returns said...

dont worry...har raat ke baad din aata hai....right now you are in dark. let it pass by and you will soon be blessed with eternal sunshine

Smiles :)

paramveer said...

I had a picture in my mind,
These flying birds,
Does they do the same ! AS I DID...

cn relate many words with my life

Shadow said...

as does everything, your thinking changes. and what's important today, isn't necessarily important tomorrow... then we re-group, re-view, re-mind, re-start....

sawan said...

a season cannot last forever
a night cannot overpower a day
dear, this darkness would have to open up to colors - wait with patience is the mantra for you.

sarah said...

the darkness always comes to the light if we wait long enough. Praying your world is filled with gentleness of peace. Sarah